Tallahassee lawns advice on watering to much or to little

Tallahassee Lawn Services advice on watering to much or to little



Am I watering to much or to little?

Summer time is here and one question I get a lot from people is “Am I Watering My Lawn Too Much or Too Little.” Here in North Florida, we have a different grass, different soil and different climate than other parts of Florida, nevermind the country. So it is not good to take the word of some guy on Good Morning America that lives in upstate New York.



Tip #1: Water in the morning

One of the most important factors in maintaining a healthy lawn is WHEN you water.

If you water in the Midday, when it is hot outside, you risk burning the grass as the water will be hot and get hotter once on the lawn. The water will actually evaporate faster than the soil can absorb it and it won’t get to the roots.        If you water later in the day, after 4pm, when it starts cooling off – the water that accumulates on the blades of the grass will not evaporate.  Stagnant water, left to sit all night, will attract insects and grow fungus.

The best time to water your lawn is in the morning, specifically 7:30 – 8, because it is not too hot. This ensures the water gets to the roots and the grass absorbs it. Any accumulated water will evaporate throughout the day and prevent mildew from growing.

Tip #2: Get a Rain Gauge

Get a rain gauge and install it in a place it in your yard that gets water from your sprinkler system, but is not in a place that will get run over by the lawnmower.Tallahassee_lawns_Mower

You should be allowing 1 Inch of water to fall on your lawn each week – that is the combined total of rain plus sprinklers.

At the end of each week, simply empty the gauge and start over.

However, if there is a lot of rainfall early in the week and the end of the week is very dry, you would want to give your grass a drink to hold it over until the new week starts.


Stay tuned for more expert advice for your yard, as the Tallahassee weather changes.Tallahassee_lawn_service

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