Tallahassee Lawn Sevices: Best sod for Tallahassee Lawns

Tallahassee Lawn Sevices: Best sod for Tallahassee Lawns





If you traveled across the United States, you would see different types of grass flourishing in different areas of the country – from the bluegrass of the Midwest to ryegrass in the cold New England states. North Florida has its own climate and soil – cold winters, humid summers, sandy soil – and many of my customers want the grass that is right for their lawn. The choice of sod for your yard depends on how much shade and water retention there is as well as type of soil. Even the best sods for the Southern states have both pros and cons. Here is a guide to help you get started, but it is always best to consult an expert and have them come out and see your lawn before spending money on the wrong type of sod for your environment.

centipede Grass


Centipede grows well in North Florida

Needs to be cut 1″ to 1 ½”


– Low maintenance, slow growing grass

– Does not need as much water as other types of grass


– Poor in high traffic areas because it does not have thick root system

-Grows poor in the shade

Some different types of centipede grass work better on high traffic areas. These includeTennessee Hardy, Oak Lawn, and Centennial.


St. Augustine


St. Augustine Grass is very common for local lawns

Needs to be cut 2.5″ to 3”


– Minimum upkeep

– Grows great in shade with part sun.

– Thick and hardy turf

– good in high traffic areas

– Thick root system

– Grows so thick, it can choke out weeds.


– Highly sensitive to herbicide sprays and other chemicals for use on lawns so this type of grass would be better to pull weeds up by hand.

-Susceptible to fungi and bugs


Bahia grass Tallahassee_lawns_Bahiagrass Bahia grass With Proper Maintenance can become chinch bug resistant

Needs to be cut 2.5″ to 3” –


– low maintenance

– drought tolerant

– grows in sandy soils

– Not much water or fertilizing is needed

Cons –

– Susceptible to mole crickets and leaf yellowing.

– Does not thrive in the shade.

– Not good for high traffic areas.


 Bermuda Grass


Bermuda Grass is typically found on Golf Course Putting Greens

Needs to be cut ½” to 1 ½”


– survives in dry conditions,

– grows best in heavy rainfall

– grows well in poor soil

– Deep root system,

– Great on high traffic areas because it recovers quickly


– Susceptible to nematodes

– Does not thrive in the shade

– Goes dormant in lower temperatures (50-60 Degrees)

 Zoysia Grass

 Tallahassee_lawns_ZoysiaZoysia Grass is becoming more popular in North Florida lawns


Needs to be cut 1″ to 2” –


– Slow growing grass,

– Grows well in the shade,

– Drought tolerant

– Wear tolerant

– Pest resistant

-Commonly used on golf courses and baseball fields


– Not good on drained areas because it is designed to consume moisture.


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