Learning Landscaping — The Pesky Weeds

Learning Landscaping — The Pesky Weeds

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Learning Landscaping — The Pesky Weeds



Ah, if only all of our weeds were as pretty as the dandelions and white clover, perhaps they would be more welcome in a yard or garden. But, alas, there is a dark side to weeds. They are pesky, destructive and known to crash the lawn party.

So, what is a weed?

A weed is a plant that is growing where it is not invited. Most weeds are usually lush dark green in color and have a healthy, strong growth. They will takeover grass, plants and other foliage by overcrowding, stripping away the nutrition and moisture in the soil that grass and plants desperately need.

 Now what do we do?

Your yard is a fun playground for children and animals. Your yard is an enjoyable backdrop for cookouts and entertaining. Your yard could be a botanical showcase. There are plenty of “kills weeds” products on the market. But, you may not want your yard full of harsh chemicals and soil treatments that could harm your family, friends and environment. Tallahassee Lawn Maintenance recommends a few safe, natural ways to keep your lawn and gardens safe for your family while voiding weeds. Here are four ways that we recommend to control those pesky weeds (sorry dandelions and white clover).

1.  Weeds are simply plants that take advantage of open areas. Crowd out the areas with thick ground coverage. Try sodding all areas in your yard, leaving no bare spots. Keep flowerbeds thick and full. Eliminate the possibility of intrusion.

2.  A natural weed killer: vinegar. Vinegar is an effective and natural weed killer. Unlike most commercial herbicides, a vinegar-based solution does not contain harsh chemicals. Here is the formula. Any foliage soaked with this solution will die within several days.

WARNING:  The vinegar solution will kill whatever it touches, including surrounding grass and plants. The weeds will not come back and nothing else will ever grow there again! This treatment is recommended for driveways, walkways and sidewalks especially. If you need to use on lawn weeds, directly moisten the weed leaves with the solution.

3.  Maintain healthy soil. Once you have put in desirable plants that crowd out weeds, keep your lawn and plants healthy with fertile, aerated and well-drained soil.

4.  The toughest way to send the weeds packing: pull out weeds by hand. Yes, this method is time consuming and tedious. However, this is the best method to ensure the weeds do not return. If you choose this method, join the crowd. Pulling weeds by hand is the most widely used method by people who care for their lawns and gardens.

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April 30, 2014

By: Barbara Ann Cox | Barbara@BarbaraAnnSolutions.com | 850.322.6184