13 Apr 2013

Tallahassee Lawns: Looking Over Lawns Full of Clover

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My prospective as a lawns service professional  in Tallahassee Florida

by Travis Poppell, Tallahassee Lawn Services

 Every spring I get the same question from my clients: “What can I do about all this clover in my lawn?”   A lot of people have the misconception that if something is not grass, then is it a dreaded weed. The truth is a mixed lawn is not only healthier, but it is becoming more popular by homeowners who purposely allow clover and other flowering “weeds” to grow freely amongst their grass. Of course, if the customer insists, I could eliminate the clover with chemicals – but before I do that, I try to explain the benefits of having a mixed lawn.


1. You Don’t Have to Fertilize

Clover and other coverage of the same family have bacteria on the nodes in their roots. These nodes snatch nitrogen out of the air – a much needed element for the fertilization of your lawn. This is especially enticing to people who are environmentally conscious about putting chemicals on their lawn and having their young children and pets roll around on it – not to mention the savings to your wallet without paying for expensive fertilization treatments.

Left Pic looks like lush, green grass. Right pic reveals the clover, proving a mixed lawn can still look beautiful.


2. Clover aerates the soil for a healthier lawn

Clover roots grow much deeper than grass, enabling it to access water at deeper levels of the soil. It can tolerate compacted soil much better than grass. The longer roots also loosen the soil, allowing air to reach the roots of, not only the clover, but the grass, as well.


3. Other Qualities of Mixed Lawns

  • Attracts Honeybees and other good insects – As bees pollenate your lawn, you will notice thicker, richer “outdoor carpeting.”
  • Rarely has to be mowed – less pollution, less gas, less work for you
  • Drought Tolerant – less watering, less maintenance and withstands hot Florida days.
  • Does not discolor from dog urination – no more ugly patches on your lawn.
  • Clover actually pushes the bad weeds out of the lawn.

Now that spring has sprung, it is time to consider the warmer weather. Would you rather spend the summer fighting with your yard, or enjoying it?

Stay tuned for more expert advice on Tallahassee lawns as the Tallahassee weather changes or Read My Past Articles on my Tallahassee Lawn Services Blog


My name is Travis Poppell, owner of Tallahassee Lawn Services. We specialize in lawn maintenance, shrub and turf care, tree and hedge trimming, weed removal, drainage work and pressure washing. As a family owned and operated business, Tallahassee Lawn Services wants to make our hometown greener. If you have questions about lawn care or need a trusted name to care for your yard, give Travis a call at (850) 766-8370 for a free consultation or contact Tallahassee Lawn Services




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