08 Feb 2013

Tallahassee Lawn Advice: 3 Winter Mistakes to Avoid for Your Lawn

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Tallahassee has a finicky climate that affects the health of your lawn. As you have seen in the past, it goes from freezing cold to spring-like temperatures and it will likely get cold again before March rolls around.

It is hard to get correct answers on the internet for our specific climate. Most blogs are written about winter in the North, where there is snow, or winter in South Florida, where there is less frost. Tallahassee lawns are different from other areas, with different grass, different soil and different weather patterns.

As a lawn care professional, people always ask me what they could be doing during the winter months to ensure their grass comes back fresh and vibrant in the spring. Many times, I am hired by someone who has neglected their lawn during the winter – they think the grass is dormant or dead.

What Not To Do With Your Lawn This Winter

1. Don’t Neglect to Water It...

Although the grass is not growing above ground, it is actually growing a stronger root system underground. With strong roots, the grass will grow better in the spring and summer months. As we all know, roots need water.

During the winter months, the lawn does not need as much water as it does in the summer, but it still needs a drink. It rains less in the winter, so it is up to you to make sure the lawn is watered.

Set your sprinkler system to water the lawn for 2 mornings each week for half the normal watering time. This should be enough to keep your grass thirst-free until the warmer weather comes to Tallahassee.

2. Don’t Let Leaves and Debris Remain on the Lawn for Too Long

Many people believe they can rake up the leaves after winter is over and they are preparing their yard for spring barbecues and playing catch outside with their children.

For one reason, debris invites fungus and bugs that will infest the grass beneath it. But more importantly, it keeps out rain and sunlight that your grass needs to survive the winter months. More than likely, if you wait to remove it, there will be bald spots of dead grass underneath.

3. Don’t Mow Too Close to the Ground

Grass should be kept longer in winter because it is not growing as fast. The blades collect the sunlight to feed the roots.

When you keep your mower deck too low, it will burn your grass and you will see bald spots where the blade shaved off the top of the dirt. In Winter months, be sure to raise the deck a few inches on your mower.

Stay tuned for more expert advice for your yard, as the Tallahassee weather changes.

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