Tallahassee Lawn Sevices: Best sod for Tallahassee Lawns

      If you traveled across the United States, you would see different types of grass flourishing in different areas of the country – from the bluegrass of the Midwest to ryegrass in the cold New England states. North Florida has its own climate and soil – cold winters, humid summers, sandy soil – and.. read more →

Tallahassee Lawns: Looking Over Lawns Full of Clover

My prospective as a lawns service professional  in Tallahassee Florida by Travis Poppell, Tallahassee Lawn Services  Every spring I get the same question from my clients: “What can I do about all this clover in my lawn?”   A lot of people have the misconception that if something is not grass, then is it a dreaded weed. The.. read more →